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image credits Paula Puncher

In 2019 we were commissioned to create a two month gallery exhibition to open Brighton's new Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) that ran between October - December 2019. The show was a retrospective survey of the past 10 years of practices, and research materials.

You Can Probably Turn This Into Something was an installation/exhibition that presented a web of practice materials, objects, instructions to participate, and performance documents from the last 10 years of Dog Kennel Hill Projects practices. Within a specifically designed landscape of objects and video, audio and text documents, we invited audiences to dig around the ever-evolving worlds that have been inhabited through our research investigations and notice how their own choices of attention and position might allow them to turn it into ‘something'. The landscapes included People Working 2009-2013, Etudes in Tension and Crisis 2014-17, Messages from the Field, 2017-19  and Wayfaring Encounters 2018-19

Events Programme
A programme of performance and participation workshops was interwoven through the exhibition. 
Live Performances: with Rosemary Lee, Graeme Millar, Ben Ash, Rachel Lopez de la Nieta and Henrietta Hale

2nd & 3rd November 2019 

The material is remembering, imagining and falling Apart

LIVE durational events following a choreographic score through which performers reconstruct sequences from their past works whilst following live, intimate relationships with the environment and audiences in the gallery.

Leading up to this performance weekend, Dog Kennel Hill Project worked live in the gallery for 2 weeks.

14th Nov 

In Conversation with Dr Kélina Gotman on Being Animal, Feigning Feigning and the Liquidity of Reality.

We navigate readings and conversations with Dr Kélina Gotman. This event drew from meeting points in Gotman’s research into theatre and making, and DKHP’s practices of emotional shape-shifting and the moulding of imagined stories into bodily realities. Together they discussed performed activities within questions that span critical studies of science and medicine, history, philosophy, and cultural theory.

21st Nov 

Wayfaring Encounters: Performance Lecture 

Placing Wayfaring Encounters in relation to Tim Ingold's articulations of the creative process.

In the context of selections of Ingold’s thinking from Lines (2007), Search and Search again (2018), Making (2013) and Being Alive (2011), this event navigated the space between thinking, doing and being. ‘Wayfaring Encounters’ is a developing practice of embodied precision that we situate in the context of Ingold's body of research, generously articulating and evoking a felt understanding of the creative process of being human with, in and as the world.

28th Nov 

The Ethics of Participation - open discussion

Dog Kennel Hill Project were joined by South East Dance and local artists to discuss the ethics of participation.


Brighton CCA

58-67 Grand Parade

University of Brighton


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