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Our True Feelings is the third in the trilogy of Etudes in Tension and Crisis.

How do we know how we really feel? how can we tell how other people are feeling? do we always tell the truth about how we feel? do we always want to know how others are feeling?

We take a view of emotions as messy, intangible, dirty  things

responsible for both the embarrassments and horrors of human

existence, as well as for its colour and gratification. Drawn from a

collaboration with neuroscientist Dr Guido Orgs, Our True Feelings

presents findings from cognitive psychological research, examining

how humans react, escape, confront, and are duped and seduced by

our feelings. Intersecting and colliding with this are performance

demonstrations of charged emotional states with images and sounds

of travelling vapours. The result is a curious hybrid where performers

that seem to be animating text gradually transform, sliding into their

own compelling language and revealing an emotional physicality that

raises more questions than answers.

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Our True Feelings exists as a lecture version that involves audiences in experiments and discussed declaration of their feelings about emotions under certain conditions. We also created a more theatrical version commissioned by The Yard Theatre for NOW'16 festival with additional sound and video layers but with an equally participatory focus.


55 mins. 3 performers. can accommodate various spaces and sizes.

Image credits:The Yard

Our True Feelings Trailer

video credit:Tony Wadham

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