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MAN OR FISH - 2006


Man or Fish is a Place Prize commission 2006.

It has since been performed in Spring loaded at The Place Theatre, Operaestate festival Bassano in Italy, Greenwich Dance Agency Cabaret and Dance4 Leicester. 

Man or Fish is a curious and striking duet that places two men in a range of scientific experiments in order to discover the substance of their dancing. Sometimes scientist – sometimes guinea pig, their ritual serves to draw out the vulnerability, and absurdity of two humans trying to communicate.


It is a collaboration between choreographer, sound artist and lighting designer, in which each collaborator is looking to strip down the elements to their barest essentials.


Choreography - Henrietta Hale

Performers - Ben Duke, Seke Chimutengwende

Sound score - Angie Atmadjaja

Lighting - Chahine Yavroyan

Image credits:Benedict Johnson

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