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MAN OR FISH - 2006

Man or Fish is a curious and striking duet that places two men in a range of scientific experiments in order to discover the substance of their dancing. Sometimes scientist – sometimes guinea pig, their ritual serves to draw out the vulnerability, and absurdity of two humans trying to communicate.


It is a collaboration between choreographer, sound artist and lighting designer, in which each collaborator is looking to strip down the elements to their barest essentials.


Choreography - Henrietta Hale

Performers - Ben Duke, Seke Chimutengwende

Sound score - Angie Atmadjaja

Lighting - Chahine Yavroyan


Man or Fish is a Place Prize commission 2006.

It has since been performed in Spring loaded at The Place Theatre, Operaestate festival Bassano in Italy, Greenwich Dance Agency Cabaret and Dance4 Leicester. 

Image credits:Benedict Johnson

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