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Image credits:tony Wadham

We worked in and out of the library environment over 2 months, researching local history and imagining the past and the future going far beyond that which we can even imagine.


We culminated in a 3 day performance event in which audiences could follow a specially designed map of the space and installation; watch and create designs made with a Victorian harmonograph; see the spirit of local hero Noel Coward come to life; perform as the live exhibit of exhumed TEDDINGTON MAN; or read stories to the bear that had once roamed the local forests


Performed by:

Charlotte Darbyshire

Joan Cleville

Harmonograph created by Ben Ash and Tony WAdham

Bear created by Rachel Lopez de la Nieta



DKHP was commissioned by Richmond Arts Services, and the Borough of Richmond Upon Thames to create a performance project that engaged communities in Teddington Library.


This formed part of a 2 year Dance In Libraries Project, animating Richond's libraries with four commissions, including Straybird, Seke Chimutengwende, and Frauke Requhart





Image credit:Charlotte Darbyshire

This video made by Richmond Arts Services examines the effect of the two 2014 projects, DKHP and Straybird on library staff and users.

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