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The Odd Honesty Code 2007-9

Taking inspiration from the strange set-ups that occur in Foley sound studios, The Odd Honesty Code pulls apart some of the codes and assumptions surrounding theatre and communication. Four dancers rummage and rampage through a dream landscape, unraveling the mysteries of a mythical world of rituals, battles and intimate human moments. Using movement, live sound, music and text, they tell and retell stories from the shifting perspectives of different mediums, resulting in intriguing and original scenarios.  

Image credit:Cecilia Jardemar

Performers - Ben Ash, Henrietta Hale, Rachel Lopez de la Nieta, Scott Smith.

Direction - Dog Kennel Hill Project.

Sound score - Angie Atmadjaja

Lighting design - Chahine Yavroyan

The Video Place

spring09 odd1 copy.jpg
spring090dhen2 copy.jpg
dress 4 copy.jpg
spring09oddhen copy.jpg
spring09odd8 copy.jpg
dress 17.jpg
dress 13.jpg

Image credits:Tony Wadham

The Odd Honesty Code was a Moose foundation Commission supported by The Place Theatre and Arts Council England. It was first premiered In Spring Loaded 07, then showed in the British Council UK Moves Platform in Roubaix, France in October 07. It was reworked for a 3 sided audience and toured Uk and Italy

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