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WORKING THE DEVIL - double bill

Two takes on the absurd world of work. This programme toured both as a double bill or separately.




The Devil and the Details


less is more, more or less. Taking minimalism to a darkly comical place, 'the devil...'reveals harsh truths in the sinister working relationship between choreographer and dancer. Both restrained and outrageous, the work uses World War 1 and 11 references and a live beat box score.



“Lopez de la Nieta explores her self-confessed “inner dictator” with hilarious effect.’ on The Devil and The Details




Image credits:Benedict Johnson



a wry solo quest that seeks to address notions of economic progress and collapse through the mystical medium of dance. A figure creates a multi- layered physical landscape as she battles to move forward, never sure where her goal is. Hinterview pin-points a very contemporary angst and laughs at it gently.



Both works commissioned by The Place Prize sponsored by Bloomberg and supported through lottery funding from Arts Council England. They draw from research into the concept and values of work through the People Working Project supported by Escalator Performing Arts in 2009/10. They were presented at The Edinburgh Fringe 2011 supported by Escalator East to Edinburgh and part of the British Council Showcase, nominated for  a Total Theatre Award.

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