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A project instigated by Ben in 2018, Wayfaring Encounters is a developing practice that manifests in galleries and outdoor spaces navigating connections with the people that it encounters.

"I'm attending to a Wayfaring line as primary motivator based on Tim Ingold's anthropological notions of Wayfaring as opposed to direct transit from point to point. I'm conducting a practice of gradually assembling a collection of wooden tripods through a series or catalogue of compositions. The catalogue is a growing bank of researched assemblies constructed with an essence or identity that is unique to the constellation. Some compositions are donated, some revealed through play, some designed, some improbable."


It began through a residency programme at Dance4, Nottingham and NN Contemporary Art in Northampton in spring 2018 with a presentation in November 2018 at Siobhan Davies Dance Open Choreography platform. Research also took place as part of Candoco's summer lab with a group of 12 dance practitioners both with and without disabilities in summer 2018 and Independent Dance's Research Lab 2018. 

Wayfaring Encounters is part installation, part workshop and partly a frame to research way of articulating and evoking a felt understanding of the creative process of being human with, in and as the world. 

The practice forms an integral part of Dog Kennel Hill Projects exhibition installation at Brighton CCA oct 19 - Dec 14 2019

entitled You Can Probably Turn This into Something


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credit: Tony Wadham video still
credit: Ben Ash Dance4 residency
credit: candoco summer lab
credit: candoco summer lab
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