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People Working Interviews/ The Conferring Series/ SafeUnsafe

Heni in the shop Chinese medicine shop

 Woburn Walk as part of Touch Wood, The Place 2009

The Box office woman  at The Place Springloaded 2009

Led by Heni, we conducted a series of interviews exploring different ways of engaging people in conversation around questions posed to particular working communities.


Where does hard work lead?

who cares if you are working well?

how do you know when to stop working?

what does working look like?


We wanted to make links with a range of working environments, like a social anthropologist - but to explore creative and performative ways of conducting interviews, sharing the interview space, listening to people's lives, explaining our work and collecting data responses from people.


Over 30 formally held interviews were conducted with people including, a firefighter, a council cleaner, an arts marketing manager, a caretaker, security guard, dancers, fishing rod maker haberdasher, etc


OUR work was always a subject of enquiry and confusion, it being intangible, seemingly without purpose, invisible, almost impossible and yet highly addictive. We were searching for meeting points of understanding in amonst the often gaping chasms of awkwardness and incomprehension about what makes people tick.


Interview material was used as food for audio scores in Hinterview and in several experiemental solo performance activities by Heni, including Safe/Unsafe 2009/10, The Box Office Woman 2009 and Heni in the shop 2009 and performances on the 2008 residency programme, Choreoroam, run by The Place, Opera Estate Festivla veneto, and Dansateliers Rotterdam

video credit:The Place

SafeUnsafe  at The Arcola Theatre - Dalston, London 2009

The Arts Project

Edited interview soundscore by Heni and Jules Maxwell

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